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Hobi - our handsome pet

Always watchful


Hobi is a clipped Catalan Sheepdog.

Dogs who are not intended for showing are sometimes clipped, particularly if they are working dogs.

Hobi is clipped because we have to take him for regular hydro-therapy session.

Hobi is one of Mei's pups (tell by the hansdome face) and when he left us he was heading for a good home and potential show wins. That was before he came up against an over caring, over feeding, regime.

Obeseity for a young pup who's muscles and bones have yet to strengthen, is just about the worst thing that can happen to it.

Hobi's hip joints could not stand the weight. Of course hobi could never be shown but at least now he has a relaxed life bedsitting any pups we have.

Once we found out we took him back and tried to help, and although you now see a lean, playful, machine, the damage has been done.

Never over-feed a puppy.

If you want to know about Hip Dysplaxia please go to the
CSCoGB web site.
Thank you.

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Hobi - our wonderful Catalan Sheepdog pet

(Hobi playing with one of our Border Terrier Pups.)

Hobi as you will see has been clipped, which is unusual for a Catalan Sheepdog.
see below left for the reason

Despite his clipped fur .. Hobi is a typical Catalan Sheepdog, with a really handsome face

Hobi is a very playful, sociable dog, but bless, he
can be strong-headed at times.

Hobi - ever ready to play.

Please feel free to contact us ... Thank you.